Who is Aniruddh Nishad?

aniruddh nishad pic

I`m a web developer, designer and sometimes a funny guy who loves to play online games, cricket, watch the video and listen to music. You can call me an internet insect or bug because most of the time I surf the web and try to learn new things. As a human, I like my work and name that is Aniruddh Nishad.

What Do I Love?

Well, apart from playing games, watching the video, etc, I love to gad. Yup, you have listened right, if I was not an engineering guy then probably I must be a rambler. More things that I love, should be updated here as I realized what I actually love. Below I will create a list that updates occasionally.

What Do I Hate?

It is a very bad thing to hate something as our ancestors said, but I`m a human being of course and very sensitive person. If I talk about the type of person that I hate most is... I`m not gonna tell you right now but in the future may be :).

What is my Career Goal?

I don`t believe in carrier goal but strongly believe in life goal, that’s right;